Hello again!


Hello my internet darlings!

It has been an awfully long time! Did you miss me?

As you have probably not noticed, I deleted my first post on this blog – the one on the topic of feminism. This is not because I have renounced feminism or ceased my pursuit of equality for everyone. It is because I have learned a lot about the complexities of gender since then and some of the witty things I tried to say made some unfair (and unintentional) divisions on the basis of genitalia. A vagina does not a woman make, it is much more complex and important than that and I did not do it justice in that post.

I endeavor to do better in the future and I hope you all stick around to read it 🙂

Next up in my series of internet ramblings will be a review of ‘The Ruling Class’ starring James McAvoy that I had the great pleasure of seeing on it’s closing night. I know, I know, doing a review of a show after it’s closed? Is this amateur hour? Well, suffice it to say that, even with a maximum of 7 likes on my blog posts, I was not invited to press night. However, the play did leave a massive impression on me and I am itching to write about it so, indulge me?

Until next time, my dears.

Chloe xo


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