Stereotypes :O


Hello everyone! 

Long time no speak! How have you all been? Fantastic, I hope. 

So, today I will be tackling another controversial topic, most likely with all the style and grace of a three legged water buffalo on speed. Nevertheless, I’m doing it. Brace yourselves. 


Now, I have nothing against a little National pride. I delight in watching Americans interact with British people, their (!Stereotypical!) bawdy optimism and openness contrasts deliciously with our wistful social awkwardness. However, there was a key word there. In the brackets. Stereotypical. 

A word I despise with a passion. Why? Because people seem to believe that big words like ‘stereotypically’ beef up their argument, making sentences like, “I’m sorry, but stereotypically, most gay men like pink’ sound better. They think it adds authority, like they’ve done their own private survey among the gays and produced bar graphs and pie-charts about the amount that just go bat shit over fuchsia. 

Essentially, it’s squinting a little at something and shrugging, deciding that all people of a certain race, gender, country of origin, age etc. are all the same. Comedians use it in satire a lot, spinning the commonalities we have with each other into humor.

Idiots use it a lot too, however, in a different way. 

Now, yes, the British have some common traits, as with any place. But everyone born in a box would grow up used to walking in squares, wouldn’t they?

Our proximity and shared experience means we are bound to have some things in common with each other. However, idiots overstep this funny little social construct when they start confusing stereotypes with identity. The things that you are, labels such as ‘White’ ‘Muslim’ ‘Vegetarian’ ‘Teenager’, become confused with WHO you are, as an independent human being. 

The people who seem to buy into this idiotic idea the most happen to be…dun dun dun…nationalists. 

Now, Nationalists, I’m talking directly to you. Do you know what this little island actually is, by any chance? It’s a little bit of land – rock and earth – that split away from the other lumps of rock millions of years before you were even possible. On that other lump of rock? More people, more humans, with their own funny name for their lump and practice their own customs. But fundamentally, we are the same. We are human. 

So, next time you start yelling ‘Britain for the British!!’, replace Britain with ‘lump of rock’ and British with ‘people who live on it now – the genetic result of thousands of years of foreign invasion’ – that’s right, baby, your great great granddaddy was probably Swedish or French! 

And, maybe pick up a history book, or a million, and read up on the history of immigration. Where do you think we got America from?????


Hope you liked it, guys and dolls!

The next post will be lighter, promise. Just needed to get some stuff out :p

Chloe xo 


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